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Wednesday, 09 October 2013 20:40

Earth-bound Spirits

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Are earth-bound spirits real? Can they affect us in any way?

Aside from the Halloween obsession with ghosts, we want to look at the possible reality of spirits who have not yet made the transition to the higher planes. They are often stuck in their plane of reality, not even realizing that they are no longer in body. Maybe their time of transition was traumatic, such as in sudden death, suicide or even homicide. Are they evil? Not necessarily. But they may attach themselves to us in order to have access to our life force energy. They can become psychic 'vampires', seeking to control in order to feel validation and importance.

Rarely have I ever seen a truly evil energy. But even those entities can be released to the light if approached correctly and with caution. In the end, we all want to be 'home', we may just not always know how to get there. Earth-bound spirits often don't know that they are not in body anymore. They are stuck in the world between the worlds. We can help them! Surrounded by the light of the divine, guided by our intention, having released any fear of the unknown, we can connect with these spirits for the highest and best good of all. It is in our power to help them find their way home, and we will be safe doing so, by the grace of the angelic ones who assist us.

Halloween is a time where the veil between the worlds is thinner. We can reach out and release earth-bound spirits into the light. It is their true nature to return to Source. As we are helping them through pure intent and with the help of the light, we contribute to their healing, and to ours, in the end.

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