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Wednesday, 07 March 2012 19:56

Lessons from the Full Moon

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Tonight is a Full Moon. I tried to capture its beauty with my camera, but the Moon eluded my clumsy efforts. Using an older, rather basic camera, I tried it this way and that way. The moon just laughed and hid behind the tree, or morphed into a luminous egg, or appeared like a tiny firefly against a fuzzy dark night sky. So I gave up and just took in the Full Moon’s beauty with my eyes.

Sometimes we take pictures with our heart. Technology may fail us, or be absent in the moment we most need it. The heart is always there to anchor the frequency of beauty and unique moments. Images that are stored in the heart can’t be erased, they don’t fade, they cannot be copied. A lesson in being more present to the moment, rather than giving in to the illusion that we can just file away certain aspects of life, to be visited at another, more convenient time?

By the way, the Moon’s face seemed to be half-smiling, half pensive tonight. Is what we observe in the outer world really just a reflection of our inner state? More food for thought…


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