Rev. Uki's Mission

“My mission is to teach, heal and inspire others to heal themselves by connecting to the power of Spirit within.”

- Rev. Uki MacIsaac

Uki's Calendar

Rev. Uki MacIsaac is an intuitive, offering psychic readings and spiritual counseling.

Halloween Gathering with Spirit - Saturday, October 27

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Music, meditation and messages!

Theme of the month: "Connecting to the worlds beyond the veil"

 Devotional music with Josiah, guided meditation and personal channeled Angel messages by Rev. Uki for you.

  • enjoy devotional tunes that open your heart to the divine
  • relax into a guided meditation
  • feel the presence of loved ones on spirit side
  • experience the blessings of love beyond the veil
  • receive gift from benevolent ancestral energies
  • connect with higher beings who love and support you
  • enjoy your personal Angel message by Rev.Uki

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