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“My mission is to teach, heal and inspire others to heal themselves by connecting to the power of Spirit within.”

- Rev. Uki MacIsaac

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Rev. Uki MacIsaac is an intuitive, offering psychic readings and spiritual counseling.

Step back into the past for spiritual growth and to heal the psyche

  • Do you want clarity for your life’s purpose?
  • Are you confused about a prior event and its impact on your present life?
  • Have you ever walked into an antique shop and experienced an uncanny sense of Dejavu?
  • Do you feel at times like you’re in more than one place at a time?
  • Are past traumas interfering with the present moments no matter how hard you try to heal and let go?

Ancient cultures and scriptures have long embodied the principle of the soul returning into the body again and again.

Past Life Regression (PLR) is based on this fundamental belief.

Whether you believe in this notion or not, when you sleep and dream you can recognize very clearly that much of your nocturnal experiences are not bound by physical linear time. And yet, when you wake up and return to your waking state you feel refreshed, revitalized and at times appear to have added knowledge that in your conscious world you may not normally have experienced.

With Past Life Regression we can tap into the many facets of our soul across time and space in order to release limiting beliefs, heal past traumas or ancient contracts. We can also experience on a profound level the power of our soul and the beauty of our pure spirit, so that we can live this life in a happier and more conscious way.

Overview of this multi-dimensional, far-reaching form of therapy:

Imagine a place where the past and present converge and the barriers of time and space drift away for a brief period. In this place you can learn globally about your existence as a soul and heal from a multi-dimensional perspective. The way this comes into play is to consider the very notion that souls live forever with cumulative experiences that may span a variety of lifetimes.

Our time on Earth in a physical body is for the purpose of our higher learning and evolution. And yet we may not remember the lessons learned from each experience that could be the very lesson we need to help us in our present condition. Many of us after all can’t remember what we had for breakfast yesterday let alone what learned in the tenth or sixth grade.

Now let’s get into the specifics of a PLR session:

First we start off by setting the intention for the session, i.e. exploring the root cause of self-sabotage, or setting a goal of being empowered by the lessons learned in a significant past life. After an opening prayer that creates a space of safety, love and light, I will guide you into a deeply relaxed state and from there you will be carefully guided to an experience that is anchored in your soul’s memory. It’s not like watching a movie, you are not a detached observer; rather you are an active participant. You will feel the feelings and slip into the persona of a specific lifetime – you ARE that person! The conscious mind may resist you, since it loves to be in control. It works to assume a childlike state of awareness: a child that is offered a big red ball does not intellectualize about playing, it does not question whether it would be appropriate to play with the red ball or not. It simply mutters with delight “ball!” and goes after it. That is the winning approach: to be like this child that perceives an interesting object and wants to explore. If the mind wants to interfere, simply thank it for sharing and move on! Realize that in this altered state of consciousness, you may not get the ‘big picture’ right away, only fragments that little by little come together. You may see or perceive or feel one detail, then another, and so on. Trust what pops up, go with your very first impression, and more will be revealed.

Feelings are the key to your experience. The more you can be fully present with any emotions that come up, the more healing your journey will become. Even emotions we consider negative, such as anger, hurt or shame have their place, since they may have locked up an energy that no longer serves you. Be fully present with whatever comes up, and you will feel lighter and happier afterwards!

Will I remember what happened during the session?

You are in control! Most people clearly remember all details immediately following a PLR session. With time, these memories can become dreamlike and fade. That’s why we recommend that you journal after your session. It’s like writing down a dream and committing it to memory.

How can I prepare for a PLR session?

Be clear on what issue you want to work on. PLR is not for sheer entertainment: it has a purpose. Think of it as a journey with a destination, but no specific roadmap. Your intention is the destination; how you get there is decided by your soul. I am simply your tour guide, assisting you on your journey and gently steering you in the right direction should you get lost. With the help of the Guides and Angels, I may help you release any stuck energies through breath, sound and energy movement.

Do you record the PLR?

I usually do not record the session. It’s more about releasing stuck energy and integrating new supportive concepts into your body and mind. I will take note of positive affirmations that emerge from the session, and I will copy these “statements of truth” for you before you leave. They are uniquely yours and provide insight for you to use for your continued growth.

Can I benefit from this therapy even if I’m not sure whether I believe in it or not?

If the notion of a past life is beyond your scope of beliefs, that’s ok; consider the regression more as a therapeutic tool. Even people who believe that we only live once can benefit from this approach. The stories that emerge as past lives, real or not, contain powerful symbols and archetypes that guide us toward resolving current issues or problems. The primary intention is to assist you in releasing unwanted negative feelings by integrating the positive experiences of past events for greater growth. Along the way, you may gain valuable insights into the deeper layers of your personality and get ‘unstuck’ on many levels. In other words, you don’t have to believe that the emerging memories are true past life experiences; instead consider them as tools to help you resolve current issues.

As a Christian, is this appropriate and safe for me to experience?

If you trust that the light and love of Source are available to anyone earnestly seeking it, not a privilege of Christians, you are in the right place. Dogma constricts the capacity of the heart to receive– Love opens it up. The love of the Angels and Guides extends to everyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs. Many of my clients are Christians; here is what one of them said about their experience:

“My journey was safe, meaningful and genuine. I felt the love of divine helpers all along the way. Accessing the golden light for healing is a technique I will continue to use. At no time was there ever a conflict with my deep faith in Jesus – in fact, I was able to call on his presence for comfort and clearing.”

What if I want to experience a future life – is that possible?

Yes, with guidance, you may walk into a possible future. Usually this experience pertains to your current life in a future expression, let’s say a few years from now. The future is not “cast in stone”. Possible futures are like pathways that open up, depending on the choices you make today. Some people access the state between lifetimes and the lessons learned. Allow for the exciting possibility that your future selves are empowering you with increased wisdom and understanding to choose your highest path for the Now.


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