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- Rev. Uki MacIsaac

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Thursday, 03 December 2015 17:56

Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is a transformational moment or process much desired by spiritual seekers. People may undergo rigorous training towards that goal or travel to ashrams in India in search for an enlightened teacher. But spiritual awakening can also happen in completely unpredictable ways, when we least expect it. Even seemingly trivial circumstances may give rise to a time of profound change, where all our cherished concepts of reality are shattered in one moment of clarity. A sense of truth emerges that wipes out all beliefs and concepts, giving way to a profound sense of connection and all-encompassing love. Time seems to stand still.

This state can last just a few moments, or weeks and months. Few are able to maintain what is also called a state of grace, or enlightenment, even ascension. The rhythms and ordinariness of life can take over again. But one is never the same after a spiritual awakening. Something inside has undergone a profound and irreversible change, and our attitude about ourselves and all of life has shifted into a different level of awareness.

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Friday, 04 May 2012 13:40

Meditation made easy

Meditation - it's not what you *think* - but it can be *easy*! Here is how.

Have you had the desire to add meditation to your busy life for its known benefits, but have felt intimidated by the countless methods and 'have-to' you encounter? So many people deeply desire to access the peace of mind and calmness that they know is awaiting them by means of a meditation practice. It's a little like a new year's resolution: we start with the best intentions, and then we discontinue, because life seems to be filled with more important demands on our time. Meditation seems almost like a luxury we can't afford to give ourselves. And besides, what method to choose among the countless ways that promise great results?

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Tuesday, 06 December 2011 10:19

Spiritual remedies for the Holiday blues

Spiritual remedies for the Holiday blues.

Feeling a little out of sync these days? Are you succumbing to the pressure of the season that is supposed to be merry and peaceful? Shopping at a mall or trying to meet all the external and internal demands of this time of year quickly tends to wrap us up in some sort of collective hypnosis. Festive Lights and omnipresent Musak, jingling bells and cash registers, Holiday parties, family gatherings and over-indulgence of foods and spirits – it all adds up to a merry-go-round that can leave us exhausted by the time the new year arrives.
Here are some proven preventions and remedies that help you stay grounded and in balance during intense times.

  • Check in with your body. What does your physical self require? More rest, less sugar, more time in nature, fewer activities, more exercise and yoga? Listen, and add some loving care of your body-mind.
  • Check in with your emotions. Feeling a little anxious or even depressed? Have changes in your family structure, like the loss of a loved one, impacted you? Are the uncertain economic and political perspectives affecting your personally? FEEL the feelings, allow for down time, bless the challenging family members, use humor to lighten the load!
  • Check in with your spirit. Bless the people that push your buttons, forgive where you can, help others, so you transcend the ego mind and feel the reward of unconditional love. Meditate just fifteen minutes per day and allow the mind to calm down. Celebrate the return of the light in meaningful ways. Connect with the true essence of the Masters and know: YOU ARE THE LIGHT!

Happy time of rebirth to you all, and happy Holidays!

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