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“My mission is to teach, heal and inspire others to heal themselves by connecting to the power of Spirit within.”

- Rev. Uki MacIsaac

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Sunday, 02 August 2020 13:40

Do You Believe in Angels?

In this talk presented (virtually) at Harmony Grove Spiritualist Association on August 2, 2020, Rev. Uki explores how Angels are helping us and what we can do to clearly receive their guidance and support. She also briefly introduces some of her favorite Archangels and shares authentic stories of angelic presence.

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Friday, 17 January 2014 17:39

Miracle or "Normacle"?

Ah, the tricky aspect of setting goals for 2014! Haven't we all gone through some aspect or other of committing to new year's resolutions, only to find the momentum fade away even before the end of February? I certainly know I have. Sometimes it seems as if only a miracle could take us through the doorway of good intentions to  our wildest dreams fulfilled, highest vision manifesting, the 'impossible' coming true.

Here is a suggestion that might help. What if instead of trying to force the manifestation of our goals, which often creates a lot of pressure and stress, and maybe even unwanted outcomes, we simply aligned with our highest and best good? Prayer and meditation are proven pathways towards that destination.

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Monday, 06 February 2012 16:16

Your Angel Wings

Have you earned your Angel Wings yet? Does that thought frighten you a bit, since you might have been told that only upon our death do we earn our Angel Wings? What if you did not need to do *anything* to earn or deserve your wings, because you already *are* an Angel? Whoa, even scarier, isn't it?

We have all received so much programming from well-meaning people that wanted to orient us toward being good, kind, deserving humans; bless their heart for their intentions!  AND, is is not also time to discard some of that programming that pushes the impossible goal always just out of our reach? What if we feel we are never good enough, loving enough, deserving of God's love enough to just BE? I suggest that this is the time to simply drop the conditioning and claim our highest good right now. If not now, when? If you are not measuring up to some extraneous and/or internalized standard, when will you ever be? Do we really need to transition beyond the veil before we can embrace our inherent goodness, our angelic essence? I say "do it now"! Angel wings feel wonderful, de-lightful, soft and loving, and they literally help us unfold.

Can you accept your angel wings now? Not out of false arrogance, just with a heart full of gratitude for the magnificent spiritual being you already are? If so, I congratulate you. If not, I send you my love and compassion so that some day soon you will accept your truth and trust your heavenly wings!

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