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Saturday, 01 October 2011 13:48

Lucid dreaming

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A lucid dream this morning still has me in its grip. Since my NDE, lucid dreams have become almost 'normal'. They usually happen in the early morning hours. I often seem to navigate difficult or even dangerous territory, but always with a sense of exploration and vivid awareness of my abilities to fly and pass through solid matter. 

In this lucid dream I encountered a giant wall of codes or pictograms, without perceived dimensional boundaries. I did not recognize the symbols at all, but they seemed to represent some form of language. Since I felt the codes to be some form of communication, I asked, without words, the invisible presence that was somehow behind the codes "who are you?" There was a response by some part of the code lighting up in color, as if my thoughts had touched a circuit and activated something. The codes became enlarged, as if to help me in interpreting them. I mentally communicated that I did not understand this language, if indeed it was a language. The codes changed again, morphing into more recognizable and familiar images. Now they looked more like icons or simple graphics. The unknown presense was trying to make me feel at ease by looking less alien, so it seemed. I still did not understand the message or the purpose for the display. With delight, I asked "are you humanoid?" There was no reply, only a very warm welcoming feeling. Then the channel shut down abruptly, and no further contact was made. I woke up feeling very disoriented, wanting to go back and ask so many more questions.

I feel quite certain that some form of contact and communication was made. The presence understood my questions and responded briefly, in mysterious ways. Maybe I was able to tune into a signal of a life form somewhere else. Whatever it was, we are not alone, of that I am certain! 

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