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Tuesday, 12 June 2012 00:00

Out of sync

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Do you ever have 'blah' days?

Do you ever feel out of sync with your soul, your purpose, life in general? Loving ourselves on those days may seem particularly difficult. Minor irritations can grow into big deals and emotional outbursts. Then we find ourselves apologizing to others or harboring resentments or having the blues... I think those days are a part of being Spirit having a human experience. It's no use fighting, since resistance only makes things worse. There is a moment of awakening when one realizes that . . .

something must change - or else . . . We don't always know what the 'or else' is; all we know is we are headed there, and it doesn't feel good. That's when once again, loving self-care becomes a priority, along with letting go and surrendering to a greater presence, asking God to take charge. As if we ever had been in charge in the first place - one of the ego's great illusions!

SO: what is your fall-back option on those low-energy days? How do you re-align yourself with your innate harmony?

I find it helpful to have a list of things to do and be that helps me attune myself to Spirit within, and the world in general. Nature is such a healing presence! Taking a walk by the beach or in the mountains, allowing for quiet time and feelings to emerge. For me, gardening is therapy! I dig my hands into the soil and talk to all living things. My neighbors must think I'm crazy, telling the roses how beautiful they are and thanking the kale for growing so fast. Pets are wonderful medicine as well. They are often attuned to our emotional state and instinctively want to help us balance."

Ask your (higher) self:  "how can I let go, how can I listen to my true needs, how can I rekindle the flame?" Meditation, Prayer, yoga, music, art, beauty, children, helping others: whatever it is that serves to align you again with your true Spirit nature: know what works and use it to feed your essence. Be compassionate with yourself and know that this too shall pass. Allowing for down-time helps restore the true self. Before you know it, your Spirit fire shall soar again with passion for life and your purpose.


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