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Sunday, 04 August 2013 21:21

The Garden of our Soul

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Summer time: a time to enjoy the gifts of the season, to interact and play, and a time to tend to the garden - verbatim and figuratively speaking.

Whether you are a gardener or not, have you considered the garden of your soul? That metaphor relates to our self-care and the loving awareness that helps us to distinguish weeds from things we want to grow. We plant seeds with every thought, every action, even every non-action. Some seeds germinate quickly, others take more time to root and unfold. Seeds of negativity, such as resentment, living in the past, envy and doubt develop into 'weeds' that are often hard to eliminate. The most persistent weeds are the ones with deep roots and survival strategies. They grow underground, in the depths of our unconscious/subconscious mind. Awareness is the tool that exposes these pernicious weeds and stops them from propagating in the garden of our soul.

What are you planting today?

Every action that stems from pure intention, shared love and compassion plants a seed of beauty and reward. We may not be around to observe the unfolding of that particular seed, such as the impact of offering a helping hand to someone in need. We can only release the seeds to fertile soil and allow nature/nurture to take the seed to its next step of growth.

Once we are on Spirit side, we get to experience all the consequences of our thoughts and actions, how they have affected other people's lives. That process is often called "life review". During that review, it is purported that the disembodied soul feels the impact it has had on other souls, good and bad. Maybe that is what some Christian traditions call purgatory. Maybe there is no punishing God with a scale of good and evil, only the judgement we have on ourselves once we realize how we are all interconnected, all each others teacher.

I invite you to consider the power you have over the moment of NOW to plant healthy seeds in the garden of your soul. Keep weeding what may not serve you, keep feeding what you wish to enjoy. With the sunshine of eternal love and the blessing of grace raining upon you, your seeds will surely germinate and in time produce beauty and abundance of all good. Happy Summer time!


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