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Friday, 17 January 2014 17:39

Miracle or "Normacle"?

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Ah, the tricky aspect of setting goals for 2014! Haven't we all gone through some aspect or other of committing to new year's resolutions, only to find the momentum fade away even before the end of February? I certainly know I have. Sometimes it seems as if only a miracle could take us through the doorway of good intentions to  our wildest dreams fulfilled, highest vision manifesting, the 'impossible' coming true.

Here is a suggestion that might help. What if instead of trying to force the manifestation of our goals, which often creates a lot of pressure and stress, and maybe even unwanted outcomes, we simply aligned with our highest and best good? Prayer and meditation are proven pathways towards that destination.

It has been demonstrated that prayers for specific things and events, such as a loved one being healed, are less powerful than prayers for the highest and best good of that person. We detach ourselves from the outcome that our minds project as the optimal solution and instead surrender to divine will. That does not mean we align with a "what ever" approach! We still hold in our hearts the intention of healing, but we detach from trying to figure out what that might mean for that person and what events could lead to that ultimate destination.

For ourselves, the communication with the Divine (God, Source, All That Is..) might be:" what blessing or miracle is waiting to manifest in my life today?". Or "how can I align myself with the infinite goodness that is in store for me today?" In this way you are holding the space and the positive expectation of blessings coming your way. Of course, we don't always recognize blessings when they happen, since they sometimes come in challenging packages. We might need a certain experience for our growth, but at the moment it might not feel so good. Be open to receiving and trust that the bigger picture often does not reveal itself until in hindsight.

And allow for so-called miracles to become 'normacles': people, places and things that are put in your path for your highest and best good. When miracles are removed from the realm of the paranormal, we can embrace the small and big miracles in our lives as normacles: blessings that the Divine showers upon us, if we are just open to receive, cultivate an attitude of gratitude, and align all our senses, inner and outer, with the amazing experience of life on Earth.

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