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Wednesday, 05 December 2012 21:59

Living in what Now?

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Live in the Now, back when, or out there?

“For us believing physicists, the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion” –Albert Einstein

Is Einstein saying that our idea of linear time that segments our experience into past, present and future, is only an illusion? How does that view agree with the popular idea of ‘being in the now” as a goal of enlightenment?
Maybe what we understand as the present moment refers to our ability to attend to internal and external experiences at the same time. We would be here now, and at the same time access the eternal wisdom of our souls, accumulated over millennia. And we would have a vision of the future self. The choices we make today, every moment, along with the karmic journey of soul co-create the one we shall become.
At this level, enlightenment is no longer limited to the present moment: awareness would allow for recollection of one’s past, complete presence in the now moment, and a vision of the future all at the same time. This idea may sound illusory, but it is my personal experience that it can happen and is very real, depending on your definition of reality.

When I was in a 3-week-long state of coma many years ago, I became aware of the self that exists outside of the body identity. This aspect of self was compassionate about the dying body, but not attached to it. Free to travel into different dimensions of time and space, my awareness did not distinguish between past, present and future. It all became one journey of evolution through many incarnations, even pre-human. When I finally ‘found’ my current identity, through many spiritual journeys that brought me close to the Void and back to Light, it felt like traveling through time and space to once again create that bond of spirit and matter. I merged with my body and the current experience of being bound to this particular ‘self’. At first it was very painful to be back again in a 3-d universe. Then I got to love life again, in all its glorious manifestations. Ah, the first breath of fresh ocean air, the delight of fresh flowers, the warmth of sunshine on my skin!

What have I learned from the voyage to the multi-verse? We are in the here and now, and we can also travel beyond the limits of time and space. We do so in our dreams and in past-life regressions or future progressions. Awareness is not limited to this particular expression of self, but it helps us to orient ourselves and re-align with the current embodiment of our soul. This way, we grow and evolve without ever losing sight of our ever-expanding cosmic mind that is one with creator.

It is only the ego-based fearful mind that suggests otherwise and insists on its views of separation. Let us love that ego, not judge it, because it is trying to protect us from the multi-dimensional reality that could initially overwhelm our circuits. But with the profound changes awaiting us at this turn of the tides, we may reclaim our ‘selves’ throughout time and space. We will proceed to oneness, not just within, but with all the aspects perceived as other. Our world will be a better place for it.

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