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Sunday, 10 February 2013 22:19

Feeling a wobble, anyone?

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The Earth wobbles, the Solar System wobbles, and so do we!

Did you know that the Earth's whirling through space actually create cycles in the cosmic realm, moving us through the different ages?  This cycle causes the Precession of the Equinoxes. Hence we talk about the "Age of Pisces", or more recently, the "Age of Aquarius". There are cycles within cycles, rhythms within greater harmonics. The entire Solar System wobbles in a dance of celestial bodies who catch and swing each other. Earth - Moon - Sun - Galaxy: dancers that invisibly "clasp hands" on their cosmic journey through space. Why would we humans be excluded from that dance? It isn't always fun though to feel like we are being tossed around in space, subject to forces unknown.

So, how do you feel when you are 'wobbling'? How do you maintain your inner alignment?

Doubts and fears may seem to get a hold of you, distracting you from your path of truth and self-expression. When these energies 'hit' you, please take a moment to tune into your belly and the wisdom within. Refraining from judgement really helps! Simply acknowledge the fact that you are uncertain about your future, and that emotions based on ego-mind are taking charge. Treat these emotions like you would with an upset child: hold the feelings in your loving higher-self awareness and assure that aspect of self "it will be allright!" Cradle the fearful inner child in the arms of your loving presence until it gives up its need to control. This way, you allow for the wobbles of life, the natural cycles of up and down, the rhythm of here and there. You are not defined by those wobbles; they are temporary in nature, and they also allow you to fully express different aspects of self.

May you be at peace with the ups and downs, knowing that all is serving its purpose, and change is the only constant in the Universe! In opening and allowing for imperfections and even 'mistakes', you accept the cosmic cycles as they manifest through you, with you, and all around! In your personal dance, even when you feel the most ungrounded, the Universe always has its hand out to you, supporting you through all seasons and cycles.



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