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Sunday, 16 March 2014 21:04

What's luck got to do with it?

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"Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Is luck just a coincidence, or does our attitude have anything to do with attracting good luck?

Some people claim that luck is an illusion; they hold on tight to the idea that preparation is better than counting on luck. The Emerson quote seems to confirm that notion. Is luck nothing more than what we rely upon when we don't prepare, therefore we embrace a very passive attitude? Maybe. But it is also possible that above all preparation, planning, visualization, goal setting etc, we need to show up for life as it happens and be open to the 'miracle' of unexpected results. True, intentionality leads to results, as part of the cause and effect of karmic law. Maybe we get results in life when we take responsibility for ourselves as life unfolds. It is evident that we can’t control the events of life, but we can show up present to them, gather information from them, then make meaningful decisions in the moment. Not showing up for the present moment distracts us and make us vulnerable to the whims or plans of others. We then celebrate good luck or blame bad luck for things.

What if good luck is often a result of our habits? Let me give you some examples: when we are open to meet new people and talk to strangers, even in the line at the grocery store, we make ourselves available for more connections. The more people we know, the more great opportunities may find us. Worry energy constricts us, preventing good luck from finding us. Studies show that when we're living in our head or thinking about what could go wrong in our lives, we are less likely to notice the lucky coincidences, breaks or opportunities that abound. Anxiety keeps good luck away! Openness to new events, people and places is another quality often found with 'lucky' people. Maybe saying 'yes' to new possibilities allows for opportunities to come our way. Do you listen to your intuition?  That little voice in your head or that gut feeling is informing you about your choices beyond the dominance of the mind. Follow your hunches, and at least stop and consider them. Intuition is your God-given gift that helps you avoid unpleasant energies and attract beneficial events. Last not least, ask yourself: what am I expecting from the future? Lucky people assume the future will be good, even if right now things don't look so good right now. The eternal optimist is more apt to attract 'good luck' than the down-trodden pessimist who typically expects the worst. Self-fulfilling prophecies are not a myth, they are reality!

Use you awareness like a sharp knife that cuts through your unconscious behavior. By cultivating habits that open your heart to life and enable you to embrace what is right in front of you, good luck may find you more easily!

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