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Sunday, 10 March 2013 16:45

Weeds in our lives

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What are the 'weeds' in your life? Its's a matter of perspective.

Today I happily pulled weeds in my garden. The rain of the last few days have softened the soil and made it so much easier to pull weeds out with their roots.

Gardening has always been a meditatiive activity for me. Therapy for the soul, I call it. My work allows me to interact in meaningful ways with others, and sometimes I just need quiet space to restore my soul.

As I delighted in pulling out weeds, I couldn't stop pondering: what if the plant I just labelled 'weed' and therefore unwanted, was so much more than just a robust and persistent presence in the garden? What if this plant had hidden secrets of healing properties or other beneficial applications? The ancient ones who lived on this land long before we took over knew about the healing properties of everything alive in their environment. Everything was alive. Nature talked to the ones who were in close contact with her, informing all who had the ability to listen about hidden messages and benefits.

We have largely lost our capacity to tune in to minerals, plants, animals, even to other humans we might label as 'weeds'. What if even the bum on the street corner has a gift to share with you? Can you keep your heart open to the possibility that your labels are only a matter of perception, isolating you from hidden gifts? Maybe you can allow for expanded awareness about the weeds in your life. You might still choose to pull them out, and at the same time offer your gratitude for the hidden blessing that even those nasty, persistent and annoying aspects of life may have to offer.



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