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Thursday, 31 July 2014 19:07

"been there, done that?"

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Recently I had a client who just would not be pleased with anything the intuitive reading had to offer. It is rare for me to encounter such a person, but it does happen, I admit. Some people have such a negative outlook on life that nothing, even the most positive perspective offered, will change their views of life. These people seem to be addicted to their negativity. There was so much in this person's life to be grateful for; but she simply could not see the good things, or rather refused to acknowledge what was working in her life. She derived pleasure from stating what all was bad and how she had been wronged by life.

What do some of us derive from being mired in negativity? Maybe it's a need to be *right*, to have life validate our innermost beliefs. We may verbalize that we want life to turn out differently, but our innermost self resists any positive turn of events, since that might prove the ego self wrong.

At one point, I offered this client the power of prayer. I have known prayer to be a powerful tool to invoke Spirit to assist me with challenging situations, and it has always worked: maybe not instantly, but certainly over time. My client's response was "been there, done that". She thus invalidated the power of prayer, as she had done with numerous other suggestions to turn her life around.

How have you become disappointed or even cynical when invoking the power of communicating with Spirit, not from a place of desperation but from a place of trust and faith? Can you surrender to Divine Will without projecting a perceived failure of the past into a possible future? I invite you to renew your trust in Divine Guidance, even if you have felt in the past that your prayers have not been answered. Project your heart's energy out to Great Spirit and offer yourself to the great design that is working in your life. May you stay clear of the damaging position of "been there, done that", and instead open your heart to life in all its miraculous turns and possibilities.

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