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Sunday, 04 September 2016 22:07

A magic wand?

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magic wand

Some people visit a psychic or intuitive healer for one reason, and for that one alone: they want confirmation for their hopes and desires.

Those clients can be a challenge to the Intuitive, because they are not open to the more subtle messages from the Spirit world. You see, the spiritual law of non-interference must be respected by all, and your Spirit Guides will most certainly not wish to interfere with your choices and decisions. Therefore they offer, through the intuitive medium, alternative pathways along with the possible outcome of a particular choice.

Let's say, a client with the name of Anne is heart-broken, because her lover left her. In her session she may only want to hear that he will be back and he will deeply regret his mistake, vowing to love her forever. That outcome may however not be in her cards, so to speak, maybe because it would in the long run not be for her highest and best good, or the two souls have agreed to a different scenario long before they ever met. Anne is of course grieving her loss, but she also has some healing work to do, whether or not he comes back. Often we look at one person to make us happy, because we feel incomplete and unhappy inside. The intuitive who is instructed by the Guides that the lover most likely will not come back, has the unpleasant task of sharing this information with Anne, but at the same time offers her ways to heal herself on all levels, so that the way is open for Ann to meet a more compatible and trustworthy partner in the future. If Anne is receptive to these energies, positive changes are on their way. But if Anne insists on the message being that of reunion, she might even get upset at the message bearer.

There is no magic wand that "fixes" an unhappy heart or a lifetime of unhealthy patterns. A good intuitive will perceive the likelihood of events that may come to pass and then empower her client with spiritual tools to co-create the highest and best good in any situation.

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