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The Alchemy of Living

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Featured in Vision Magazine, Jan 2012

Vision Magazine, Jan 2012

(Reproduced with permission.)

A Conversation with Rev. Uki MacIsaac

by Sydney L. Murray

I first met Reverend Uki MacIsaac at the Whole Being Weekend over 12 years ago. I was with my good friend, ‘Dave,’ who had a session with MacIsaac and exclaimed she was superbly correct with the reading for him and his life. I have to admit all of these years later she definitely still has the ability to hone in on the issues at hand. Just listening to our reading, I am once again reminded of how her readings offer so much, on both an energetic level as well as a spiritual teaching.

She talks about the willingness to be available, which is what I think of when I consider alchemy in my life. Her reading was alchemical both spiritually and physically.

Vision Magazine: What brought you to this work?
Reverend Uki MacIsaac

Reverend Uki MacIsaac: I grew up in Germany, in a loving family with a very intuitive mother. In my early thirties, critical illness offered an opportunity for a complete re-evaluation of my life. As soon as I learned an important lesson, Spirit offered more advanced lessons. Love and Spirit guidance led me to leave Germany and come to California; that change initiated an enormous spiritual awakening and acceleration of my path. Over many years of intense inner work, I was propelled to evaluate and change some core beliefs and habits. The third component was a near death experience, a life-changing and profoundly alchemical journey into other dimensional realities.

VM: So you came to California. How did that come about?

UM: Souls make contracts with each other, of that I am certain! On a trip through Greece I met the man that would become my first husband. I can clearly see the hand of Spirit that brought us together so that we would lovingly support each other in our personal evolution. I left a secure career as a tenured high school teacher and started all over in San Diego. After nearly 20 intense and fulfilling years, the marriage came to an end; our contract with each other was completed. I’ve now been happily remarried for over six years.

You asked what brought me to this work. I know without a shadow of a doubt that my spiritual work is why I am alive here and now. I have had several brushes with death, major wake-up calls. I am here to help others in a way that is ultimately fulfilling and precious to me. I get energized when the Angels and Spirit Guides channel their energy and information through me. If for some reason I don’t see any clients for a few days, I feel as if I am I missing something and I get irritable. I thrive on this infusion of Spirit that blesses the people I work with. The more I give, the more I receive energy and fulfillment.

VM: Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

UM: Hmm, this question got me stuck for just a moment. Ordinary people inspire me, in addition to the great teachers and masters. Of course we are guided and assisted by all the Great Ones, in body or on the Spirit side. I am grateful for their presence. But what about the unsung heroes, people who have overcome so much? They do what needs to be done, with devotion, love and courage, and they keep going. We all meet people like that in all walks of life, and we can be touched by their faith and their persistence. Their inner light shines brightly through challenges and difficulty.

VM: What would a session of your services consist of?

UM: For an intuitive reading, I start with an opening prayer. I scan the client’s aura and assess the flow of energy through the chakras. Then I pass on what I receive from the Guides. All the intuitive senses are involved: I see, hear, and feel information. Images and metaphors, words and phrases, tangible physical sensations are all woven together during an intuitive reading. Through dialogue we explore how the information applies to the client’s life. Past, present, and possible futures are revealed, to assist the client with his or her choices. A lot of healing happens during a session!

VM: From my experience, your reading was very visceral for me.

UM: We do indeed feel the energy that comes in. Often Angels, Spirit Guides, and loved ones who have passed on will make themselves known. Sometimes that’s a surprise because people may want a specific person to show up. Grandma who is in Spirit may make herself known, or someone completely different may be present, because it really is Spirit’s choice.

VM: People are going through a lot these days. The life forces are pushing people around. What can we do?

UM: I think we can be a sacred mirror to each other. Sometimes we cannot see our own light, or the mirror others present to us is clouded. When we reflect the truth of our inner light to each other, we can offer confirmation, inspire new perspective, and help each other realign with our purpose.

And we can call on the beings of light that are here to help us—the Angels, Guides and Masters. They may not directly pay the bills, but if we are open to their help, they will inspire us in creative ways to attract solutions.

VM: Why is changing your life so hard for people?

UM: Early in life we receive so many direct and indirect messages that shape our views. It is true that on some level we look at the passage of time in our lives and we can analyze what happened. There are also karmic lessons from other lifetimes that affect who we are. At the same time, I know that we have the power to access the grid of cause and effect. We can release one microgram of grief, and it changes the whole fabric of who we are.

VM: How do you do that?

UM: I use a variety of processes to access that aspect of self that may be stuck in some way and that may resist change. This part of self may say, ‘I’ll never have a good partner in my life’ or ‘I’ll always be poor.’ With great compassion for this self, in a safe environment, we go back to when this choice was made, in this life or beyond. Then we can shift, release, or integrate energy as appropriate. It really depends on what we find. And it can be so joyful to find that child aspect of self again and to create that loving space that, in the end, only we can provide for ourselves. That’s how change becomes manageable. Sometimes it takes a lot of hard work and sometimes it can happen in an instant. We are not bound to linear time. We can invite change through our willingness—our being unafraid to explore the multidimensional aspects of who we are.

VM: What is the Circle of Life?

UM: With my husband, Gary, we offer regular spiritual events. Once a month we invite all those interested to “Gathering with Spirit.” After a guided meditation, everybody receives a personal angel message, an intuitive mini-reading. The meditations are always different, but always healing journeys. Together we create the space to go within, connect with others and get confirmation from Spirit. So at this time I don’t offer structured teaching, but that is what the Guides have been asking me to do. My work is my passion and my purpose for being here now. As long as I can assist someone by being their sacred mirror, then it’s all worth it. And it fills my life with beauty and joy.


Rev. Uki MacIsaac, MA, is an internationally acclaimed speaker, intuitive counselor, and ordained minister. Through her unique gift of clairvoyance, she empowers her clients to integrate their spiritual purpose and live a fuller, more meaningful life. Having overcome a life-threatening illness more than once, her mission is to teach, heal, and inspire others to heal themselves by connecting to the power of Spirit within. “Amazingly accurate, as well as comforting, uplifting and inspirational,” is how participants have described Uki's Readings. For more information, visit or call 800.883.2840. Also visit her Facebook page, Circle of Life Spiritual Development.

(Reproduced with permission from Vision Magazine. All Rights Reserved.)


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