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Monday, 20 August 2012 00:00

Wanting to know the future

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Our need to know

So many clients come to me with a need to *know*. “Will he come back to me?”, “when will I be financially secure”, “will I ever meet my soulmate?”
We all have a need to know. Dealing with the unknown can be very stressful, to say the least. I know that from own experience, for example when I was waiting for the results of a tissue sample, fearing the worst. The human mind is not designed to deal well with an uncertain future. Ego wants to take charge, and ego wants to know. Control, even if only the illusion of control, is what ego craves and demands.
When you consult a psychic or spiritual counselor, be aware of this need and how it might misguide you.

Wishful thinking can get in your way of facing the truth, whatever that truth might be. There are a lot of well-meaning folks out there who will tell you what you want to hear. Others may simply take advantage of your need to hear the one happy version of your future you are waiting for.
Professional ethical intuitives will not tell you what will ‘inevitably’ happen. Do you know why? It’s because the future is not written in stone! We co-create our future by the choices and decisions we make. Above all, the soul, the Higher Self, God – whatever you wish to call your Higher Power, is in charge. No, it’s not a punishing God who seeks revenge for real or conceived misdeeds. Higher aspects of self contribute in laying out a path of learning for this present incarnation of who you are. Aspects of karma certainly play a role in this.
Please know that there are only ‘likely’, possible futures. Energy flows like water, in established channels. By the power of your choices and your decisions, you choose one of the infinite pathways that may evolve into shaping your future. A skilled intuitive psychic reader is able to tune into the possible futures and find out how much energy is already flowing in that particular channel. They can advise you as to the likely outcome of certain choices. But they should not make the choices for you! That would be akin to interference.
Ask your reader to look into the flow of energy of the decisions ahead. If the reader is genuine, he/she will serve you with honest, truthful pathways of choice that will empower you to choose future outcomes. Remember that we can never control all the aspects of our lives. Look for empowerment, alignment with the flow of divine guidance, gut feeling about your decisions. Experienced and skillful intuitive readers can help you align with the choices that are in your highest and best good.

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