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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 01:47

Do psychic vampires exist?

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Do psychic vampires exist? If so, what can we do to protect ourselves?

Yes, they do exist! Let's try for a definition first: Psychic vampires feed off the life force of other sentient beings.
Why would they do that? In my experience, the class of entities that feed off others are like parasites: they drain their host of life force energy, but may not even be fully aware of their acts. It is simply who they are, what they do. These entities are by nature parasitic, i.e. they need a host to support their own existence.

How do we attract psychic vampires?

When our auric field has been depleted by traumatic circumstance (illness, loss of a loved one, etc), we become more vulnerable to other beings. Also, in the case of accelerated personal evolution, the light we give off becomes more 'visible' to other beings. We are susceptible to become "food" for others that are lacking in life force energy and are looking for hosts to attach to. Many of these beings are not 'evil' by nature; they simply look for energy food as a means of survival.
What can we do to protect ourselves?

Be aware of your energy field, and acquire a few simple strategies of protection. How do you feel when you are in large crowds or gatherings of unintentional nature, such as shopping malls, large-scale events etc? Do you feel drained afterwards, even if you enjoyed yourself in the moment? Know about your energy field and create healthy boundaries. Visualize a large bubble of white light surrounding you before you expose yourself to any large gatherings.  This bubble of light allows for pure love energy to penetrate, but keeps away lower vibrational frequencies.  Take your bubble of light with you wherever you go, and know that love as the highest frequency is invited in, but denser frequencies are being kept out. Since we tend to be most vulnerable to negative attachments that enter our field from behind us, we can also visualize a blue colored "Superman Cape" draped over our shoulders and down our back.  Remember that Superman's cape was made from indestructible and impenetrable cloth from the planet Krypton!

We can only serve others when we are aware of our sacred energy, and we use it wisely. As you honor your own energy, you have more to give to others. And any energy-seeking parasitic energies will be dis-invited from your field.

Divine cosmic grace surrounds you to an infinite degree. Bless the ones that may still be seeking, or even feel lost. Divine Grace always call them Home, eventually. Above all, honor amd respect the light that you are. Fill the well with deep gratitude for your pure light essence. Be patient with the ones following behind. Express your gratitude for all the Masters and Guides who have walked the path before you. Invoke their blessings and their protection, and know that you are safe.


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